Intellectual Property Law

Our goal is to ensure that your intellectual property is protected. Vernon | David understands that your company’s intellectual property sets you apart from your competition. We are experienced in a variety of services including registration, litigation, assignment, use and the protection of property rights.

Our dedication, knowledge, perspective, and analytical rigor allows Vernon | David to rise above the competition. We offer cutting-edge services to our clients. We pride ourselves on the ability to understand and guide our clients through any problem or obstacle they many encounter. Our awareness of the law and insight into new legal developments is another reason clients seek our advice. We assist our clients with both domestic and international property concerns.


Vernon | David has significant experience in trademarks registration, assignment, and protection as well as how to keep a trademark active. Sometimes there are risks associated with using a particular name, slogan, or identifying mark; we will advise you on how to minimize these risks.

Vernon | David has authorized industrial property counselors, specialized in  trademarks, registered with the Chamber of Industrial Property Counselors and the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM). Our industrial property counselors are also European trademark attorneys registered with OHIM (Office for Harmonization on Internal Market), which allows clients to apply for the registration of a Community trade mark valid throughout the European Union.

Some of the services we offer in relation to trademarks are:

  • Trademark searches (Romania, European Union);
  • Registration and maintenance of trademarks within Romania and European Union;
  • Advise on how to guarantee consistent trademark use in client’s advertisements;
  • Advise on how to advertise without infringing on protected third party trademarks;
  • Policing and auditing of trademarks;
  • Litigation of trademark infringement and dilution claims;
  • Prepare cease and desist letters against third party infringers;
  • Advise and assist clients with negotiation, drafting, and enforcing trademark licensing agreements; and

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Our team for Intellectual Property: